SENG 2004-02-13

File area

dlk - file area

All components of the ' dlk ' system construction kit including the source code can be used free of charge for not commercial applications or for evaluation purposes according to our license type N (non profit license). The license type N is a personal license.

For commercial applications i.e. if by the use of the components, or parts of it, money is made, or if products with inserted components, or parts of it, are sold or lent, the license of type P (profit license) must be acquired . The license of type P is a location bound license.

The file area (download area) contains copyright protected material, contents available in the file area are bound to license type N (non profit license) or P (profit license).

No, I do not want to read the license agreements.

Yes, I want to read the license agreements now and want to have access to the file area.