SENG 2004-02-17


serviceSystem design and consulting

The use of FPGA's (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) leads to a substantial increase in flexibility. Turning flexibility into profit needs some experience in handling reconfigurable systems.

May some of the following statements apply to you:
  • You´re not using FPGA's and designs are very close to the limits.
  • You think of replacing discrete logic, a gate array or special semiconductor with an FPGA.
  • You´re looking for an intelligent and inexpensive boot concept for an FPGA based system.
  • You would like to communicate with your FPGA by use of a standard PC interface, or administrate it comfortably by use of the PC.
  • You would like to change the logic content dynamically during run-time. Reconfigurability should cover more than eliminating errors and making updates.
  • You´re looking for a system concept optimized for FPGA's.
For all these questions you can rely on us. We have many years of experience in designing with semiconductors and tools from Xilinx.

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