SENG 2005-10-03

About us

we develop and manufacture innovative and highly flexible electronic systems. Our core competence is the use of reprogrammable components (FPGA´s - Field Programmable Gate Arrays).

The company
we are a small company. Result is that we offer a limited assortment. In addition, it means that our customers can rely directly to our product development and a competent service. Our product range is divided into the following groups:
  • Standard components
  • Customized components
  • Development services
The customers
our customer structure is strewn broad, from the engineer's office to the large concern. Most of them are large and medium-size enterprises.

The products
the product range of the last years covered PC-supported portable measuring instruments, used by nearly all german car manufacturers, for mobile measuring and test stands beside programming devices for memory and logic components for general use.
As new innovative products we offer concepts and development systems for the production and maintenance of reprogrammable products, as well as training and prototype systems.
The product range is characterized by the substantial use of FPGA's and the configurableness by use of a standard PC interface.

we do not offer "high-end" solutions.
We do not offer partial solutions, which attain useability only by additional purchase of many further components.
We offer solution-oriented systems with high power reserve at a reasonable price .
We offer our customers and suppliers a partnership co-operation of many years.
Our standard components are over many years in production. Like that our AnaDigIO of measuring systems, developed and used with DOS and Intel 486 architecture, is still in use on today computers and operating systems without any restriction. Over years, invisible and unnoticed by the users, these devices went through innumerable updates in soft- and hardware - possible, by the reprogrammable internal equipment structure - the substantial use of FPGA's.
We make and cannot do everything - however we work with efficient suppliers.
Our product range is not fixed on a certain topic.

The firm development
the enterprise from that the company in the current form comes out, developed the first efficient and inexpensive EPROM programming device "MP V2.01" in 1986, which could be operated at a standard interface of the PC's at that time (with 8088 or 80286 CPU). A publication took place in the magazine "mc" 1/1987. The devices were used by PC users, laboratories and some industrial applications. They are still in use today, waited and repaired, even in connection with current PC's.
The successor of the device, "Programmer & Toolbox" appeared 1992 under the brand "SENG digitale Systeme GmbH". The device, probably as first of its kind, contained - an FPGA - ... and was hereby able to process new areas of application.
After it was to be foreseen that programming devices in future applications would only play a subordinated role, the development of a measuring instrument series was begun. The "AnaDigIO" system, in use since 1994, found fast spreading in the mobile measuring world, particularly with the car manufacturers. The development of the system "AnaDigIO-32" with integrated DSP-CPU and high scanning rate was stopped, after the many years software and selling partner of had changed over 1999 into new hands. Thereby the continuation of the for both sides extremely successful co-operation was no longer given. The risk of development and selling of efficient measuring systems, without partnership and co-operation with the manufacturer of a leading software package, and the full dependence on this, led us to the conclusion, to stop further development and production of complex measuring systems for final customers. If one day there will be an open software and visualization solution available, we will gladly return to this market with its abundance of unfulfilled challenges.
The newest child of our development, born 2002 from the experiences with reprogrammable systems, is the dlk (digital logic kernel). A system construction kit, which highly simplifies the development and maintenance of reprogrammable systems. "eLAB", a training course system for digital logic, microprocessor technology and FPGA's, derived in 2003 from it.
In the year 2005 the selling of equipment was stopped and the society was dissolved.  The business areas engineering service and repair changed over into the hands of "SENG digitale Systeme, Peter Seng".

The goals
we want a electronics industry with long-living, updatable and customer-oriented quality products.
We hope to develop the market into this direction with help of our development-, training- and prototype-systems for reprogrammable products.
And we want you - as our content customer...