SENG 2004-09-09


FPGA design services

FPGA's create new possibilities within product design.
Many existing, not FPGA based, systems can be optimized by the use of FPGA's. Reliability, efficiency, size and costs can be optimized. The products life span can be increased,  the ties between customer and producer can be strengthened.
On the other side the threshold for a successful entrance into this technology was high. The market divides therefore into two parts. The one that overcame this threshold, uses these universal and flexible devices with success. The other, by far larger part, took a look at this technology in the past, failed and still uses traditional design techniques, i.e. faster processors and higher clock rates, being aware of the limit coming nearer and nearer.
We think that in the future sucessfull and leading products can not be designed without the use of FPGA´s.
Today the implementation of FPGA's into existing products, due to improved tools, is relatively simple. But designing with FPGA's offers lots of more possibilities compared with traditional solutions. And the feeling of how to design with these parts is achieved by doing it - at very high costs.
On this sector we offer comprehensive services, based on our long-term experiences - call us.