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AnaDigIO dlk51 - FPGA, 8051 CPU and PC link on board

You know the normal, in large varieties available 8051 based microcontroller boards? Inflexible, poor performance?

This board can do a few things more:
Use your 8051 knowledge effectively, release the CPU from time consuming computations - do them via hardware within the FPGA. Add special peripherals (like an array of 24-bit up/down counters, incremental decoding or some co-processors...)  to the 8051.

The ' dlk51 ' is a complete ´dlk´ based system, including integrated power pack at a size of 8x10cm. It offers a stable, 8051 based starting point, for the realization of a reprogrammable system.
  • complete package with hard and software
  • all reconfigurable design
  • ´all in one´ package for C, VHDL, logic and microcontroller, application and training

Hardware ´dlk51´:
  • FPGA xc2s50 (optional xc2s100)
  • PLD xc9572xl
  • 8-bit 8032 CPU with 11MHz0592 clock
  • serial RS-232 interface connected to CPU
  • 16Kbit IC EEPROM connected to CPU
  • CPU can be operated in bus or I/O mode
  • external CPU bus connected to the FPGA
  • 512Kx8 flash memory for CPU and FPGA
  • two LED's for debug and indicator purposes
  • LCD interface
  • reset monitor IC for undervoltage identification and external reset
  • complete 3V3 Design
  • 2 independent FPGA configuration files in the flash memory, select boot memory via jumper
  • 4 independent 64Kx8 CPU program files in flash memory, selectable via ´dlk51´ software or FPGA configuration
  • PC or 8032 microcontroller can work as masters on an internal bus
  • fast data transfer (500KBytes/sec, typical) to/from PC via PC parallel printer port interface, connector D25 male
  • integrated linear power pack, input voltage 8-12V DC/12V AC/1500mA (optional 5-12V DC/800mA) with connector type DIN45323
  • all signals available at 96-pin connector DIN 41612 
  • extension boards can be attached ´inline´ or as stack
  • printed circuit board size 80x100mm
  • approx. 92% of the internal xc2s50 FPGA resources (without PC interface 100%) + 32 unresticted I/O´s available for user applications
  • emulation mode for Xilinx JTAG download cable (DLC5) loadable via FPGA
  • universal digital logic kernel for applications, test, development and training

Extent of delivery:
  • hardware ´dlk51´
  • CD-ROM containing software ´dlk51´, manual in PDF format, schematic in EAGLE format, applications including source code for FPGA and 8051
  • documentation in english language
  • PC interface cable, D25male/D25female, 1:1
  • optional: wall plug-in power supply